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J.O.E. = Just Out Exploring April 2, 2010

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Joe B. Parks. Can I write that louder? JOE B. PARKS! Our friend and mentor. Dear Joe, Ageless Dreamer and you go together like the soil and the seed. Rhododendrums, Rododendroms, Roadadendrums — it didn’t matter how we spelled them it just mattered that we understood them. And, oh, how we tried. Sensitive, impressive, and hardy — that’s how we felt about Joe and that’s what we learned about the breed you treasured so much. The Joe B. Parks Riverwalk Public Gardens shout your name, express the thrill of your touch, and hear your whispering words of wisdom of how best to care for this natural blessing that you bestowed on us.

Joe, you lived life out loud and full…right up to the end. You inspired gentle hands to risk the cool feeling of fresh, cool soil, unexpectedly touching a smooth, unsuspecting worm aching to remain in the fragrant, richness of nature you created. You knew how to take a subtle piece of rocky art, tuck it amongst your abundance of glory and stop a visitor, like me, in my tracks…in awe…wondering how many flowers I let slip away. Stop and smell the roses. Did you write that, my friend?

The deer behind your magical gardens some how knew why you built the fence that kept them out. Somehow they understood that you had a much bigger purpose than feeding them. They understood you, Joe. They were part of nature, just as you were and are. Each fragrant flower on the bush, each leaf, each butterfly, each bumble bee…they feel your love and will help the rest of us remember you…forever and a day. You’ve helped dreams come true for many of us and we’ll miss you. From one ageless dreamer to another.



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