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The Art of Possibility and Ageless Dreamer Go Together like a Fluffanutter September 10, 2009

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Oh my gosh, I’ve been reading the book by  Rosamund Stone Zander and her husband/Conductor Benjamin Zander: The Art of Possibility  and the first practice – It’s All Invented – begins like this:

A shoe factory sends two marketing scouts to a region of Africa to study the prospects for expanding business. One sends back a telegram saying,


Th other writes back triumphantly,


How does this relate to Ageless Dreamer you might ask?  If I change the word SHOES to DREAMS it helps me realize this non profit is on the right track reminding caregivers and adult children to encourage our oldest generation to dream out loud.  The author “had me” in the first paragraph of the first chapter.  To some, who see no shoes (DREAMS), all the evidence, as he says, points to hopelessness.  To others, the same conditions point to aubundance and possibility.  He ends the paragraph as follows: “Each scout comes to the scene with his own perspective; each returns telling a different tale. Indeed, all of life comes to us in a narrative form; it’s a story we tell.”

So if I use me, the Founder of Ageless Dreamer, as an example, and I’m open to shifting my underlying assumptions (page 15), I would ask myself the questions he poses:

What assumptions am  I  making,

That I’m not aware I’m making,

That gives me what I see? 

That is not an easy question,  but  I’m working on  the  answer so that I can work on “What might I now invent, That I haven’t yet invented, That would give me other choices?”




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