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To Sneak or Not To Sneak OUT April 19, 2009

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With a blue sky day in progress, daffodils tossing their yellow petals in the breeze, and  robins picking worms from the grass, it seemed like the perfect call to make believe.  Make believe that this nursing home has released me, at age 94, into the wonder of the blue sky and green grass.  Actually, if truth be known, I’m sneaking out of that place .

The Doc says fresh air will do me good and it does.  It’s not that far to the ice cream stand – which, I heard, just opened last week.  I hope they have Frozen Pudding.  Used to walk miles a day, so what’s one more today?   This cane will help me out if I need it for balance but I’ll use it to stop anyone who tries to stop me from dreaming out loud and going after that scoop of ice cream.  The cemetary is on the way and I can use it as a shortcut. Maybe I’ll check out a few spots along the way that I could mention to the family next time they visit.  Of course, they don’t want to “talk about it”.  Good grief, you’d think I was going to live forever.  For sure I’ve got five or ten more years, but if they’re not going to be good and healthy ones like I have now, I sure don’t plan on hanging around.  That’s another story. Right now I’m standing up and walking for today’s dream: ice cream at Golick’s…with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Yum.   My friends at the nursing home will be jealous.

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