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Focus – a Five Letter Word April 9, 2009

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Phew. The power of focus takes alot of focus.  I’m learning that every day as I aim to put into action the lessons taught in the book, The Power of Focus. [by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Hewitt].   Focus on your strengths, it says, and eliminate everything that is holding you back. O.K. I’ve been working on that for almost two weeks and find myself talking to myself as a reminder: “If you keep doing things the same way, you’re going to keep getting the same results.”  O.K. I’m definitely hooked on that one and changing some of those “bad habits” that have taken over.   

For example, I never realized how many e-newsletters, that have no real immediate value to me, that I get every week. In the past ten days I’ve “opted out” of 27 different ones. Good grief. Everything from BJ’s, to Campers World, to Crate and Barrel, and everything in between.  I know where to find them if I need to look for something — but I don’t need them in my face when I’m trying to FOCUS. 

What am I focusing on?  The success of Ageless Dreamer.  Ways to capture the hearts (and checkbook – let’s be honest here!) of those who visit the site.  One way we’re working on is a free teeshirt. Yup,  F R E E.  in exchange for a minimum $ 50. donation.  The design is a secret until it’s up and running on the site.  Of course, if you want to be one the first ten people to have a coveted Ageless Dreamer teeshirt please let us know.  The first ten will also receive a surprise. I’m not telling you what it is, then it wouldn’t be a suprise.  So what do you say?  Who’s going to be the first to keep the dream alive!

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1. Ellie White - April 15, 2009

Crusade and a Challenge
Laurie, As you well know my mother was your first recipient when you fulfilled her dream of having a ride on a Harley for her 100th birthday. Needless to say not only am i one of your biggest fans but a crusader. So I am trying to find ways to raise money to enable you to keep making dreams come true.i have written to GMA, 20/20, as well as individuals and corporations. my challenge is to everyone who reads this to step forward and do the same. Who knows what might develop. let’s not let the dream die for our older generation…someday we will be there.

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