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SAGE Advise April 4, 2009

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Talk about  weather that defined dreary and foggy – not doom and gloom, mind you, just dreary.   As we made the one hour drive to speak at a luncheon in Nashua, NH. we couldn’t help but wonder if anyone would show up.  Who said the over 65 age group were wimps about driving in lousy weather? Not this group. Ninety hearty souls ventured out to this once a month SAGE group, associated with St. Joseph’s Hospital.  Lunch was to be served up and Ageless Dreamer was the speaker du jour.

With microphone in hand the story began. The WHY’s of Ageless Dreamer.  Hmmmm…WHY’s and WISE sound alike.  Maybe there’s something to that. Anyway, the real magic happend when I invited one of the guests I brought with me to stand up to share her story at the microphone.  With a twinkle in her eye, Ruth led the audience to utter silence as she expressed her experience with Ageless Dreamer and how having her dream unfold, her first art gallery event exhibiting her oil paintings in 2006, changed her life.  The only sound that came from the audience was when she explained that all her friends had passed on — after all “I’m 96 years old”.  The gasp was audible. The giggles welcomed.   They thought THEY were the oldest ones in the room and Ruth just took their breath away.  Yup.  Ruth, the artist, who still teaches art lessons every week, empowered them to keep on dreaming.  One day at a time, one dream at a time.  You GO, Girl!

Copyright Laurie Widmark 2009



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