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Are You Contagious? March 27, 2009

Posted by Ageless Dreamer Foundation in Ageless Dreamer.
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You may not think you can reach it. Climb anyway.
You may not think you’ll be heard. Speak anyway.
You may not think you can change things. Try anyway.

I wish I could say I wrote it, but it’s a quote by Maya Angelou — and it’s inspiring. We’re embarking on another new adventure as we reimagine Ageless Dreamer and help create a tipping point for it. The tipping point is actually the name of a book by Malcolm Gladwell: The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. I read it a few years back and am now reading it again…hoping to take a kernal of information and translate it to impact Ageless Dreamer. The author, in esssence, writes that a good way to adopt new ideas is to think of them as epedemics. I always said that Ageless Dreamer needs to become contagious – like the flu – and maybe with similar symptoms but much more pleasant. It’s pretty typical that when you have the flu, you sneeze – kaCHOO! Let’s say, just for the fun of it, that when you sneeze, you spread Ageless Dreamer across the room, into the awareness of the folks in your path. When you have the traditional flu, you go out of your way to not get too close to anyone. When your contagious with Ageless Dreamer, everything you touch leaves a mark on someone’s soul or heart. With that nasty traditional flu you might spend alot of time in the bathroom (sorry). Being contagious with Ageless Dreamer means that you help start a movement of encouraging constipated dreams. I know that’s quite the analogy, but if it got your attention, than it worked. This is one idea that’s not getting flushed down the drain, my friends. Stay tuned.

Copywrite by Laurie Widmark 2009



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