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Dear Readers March 3, 2009

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Dear Readers,

I hesitate to write this letter because I don’t know if you will read it. So, I suppose¸ that makes me someone afraid to stand up for something I believe in…a wimp . Just last week I decided that I needed to let the idea of Ageless Dreamer go. Not enough people cared. Membership was not something people were dying to join. Ageless Dreamers were dying… But not signing up. I discovered, with only 28 months under my belt with the official, not for profit, authentic designated Ageless Dreamer, that the problem I, WE? faced would reproduce itself time after time after time. And the question remained: If the dream recipients of Ageless Dreamer died, then why bother?

Our biggest spokespersons, our Ambassadors, would naturally die.

Our first run of 5,000 glossy, color brochures were printed and distributed. Beautifully (and painfully) designed (pro bono) with NOW and THEN photos, text, testimonials, membership application, and self addressed, prepaid mailing….but only a few hundred were returned. Guess that didn’t work…although everybody liked the look and feel AND adored the idea. What was missing? Please send more brochures, they’d asked. And we’re thinking…but nobody’s returning them. Where are they going? To the “feel good” file?

So, I embark on this quest for an answer as I stretch to get outside the box of what it is I think I know. The idea to write to my future readers was not mine, but of Steve Harrison. Steve, and his brother, David, who are the force behind Bradley Communications, Corp. (www.freepublicity.com)

Write a letter to your readers they said, and then put it aside for a day or two. When you pick it up to read it again, does it bore you? Did you hit the mark? Should you tank the idea? THAT, dear readers, is what I’m writing to find out. And only time will tell.

Copyright 2009 Laurie Widmark



1. Kate Marshall - March 5, 2009

Laurie, what you have done with Ageless Dreamers so far is remarkable! I would hate to see your dream—and thus the dreams of many of our elders—go unfulfilled. I can testify to the wonderful impact that your efforts on behalf of my mother, an 87 year old novelist, have had on her. Knowing that Ageless Dreamers was supporting her dream has buoyed her spirits and renergized her in her quest to find a publisher.The personal letter and authorized copy of The DaVinci Code from Dan Brown, encouraging her not to give up, as well as her participation in your interview with WAMD, have given her hope that she will find the right agent or publisher for her novel. You have been consistently proactive on her behalf and personally committed to helping her realize her dream.

I know Mom is just one of the many people you have helped through Ageless Dreamers. To see beyond their physical infirmities and to connect to their spirits is a wonderful—and rare—gift. Thank you for all you have done and I hope you will find inspiration and strength in knowing how much good you have done!

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