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Are You Contagious? March 27, 2009

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You may not think you can reach it. Climb anyway.
You may not think you’ll be heard. Speak anyway.
You may not think you can change things. Try anyway.

I wish I could say I wrote it, but it’s a quote by Maya Angelou — and it’s inspiring. We’re embarking on another new adventure as we reimagine Ageless Dreamer and help create a tipping point for it. The tipping point is actually the name of a book by Malcolm Gladwell: The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. I read it a few years back and am now reading it again…hoping to take a kernal of information and translate it to impact Ageless Dreamer. The author, in esssence, writes that a good way to adopt new ideas is to think of them as epedemics. I always said that Ageless Dreamer needs to become contagious – like the flu – and maybe with similar symptoms but much more pleasant. It’s pretty typical that when you have the flu, you sneeze – kaCHOO! Let’s say, just for the fun of it, that when you sneeze, you spread Ageless Dreamer across the room, into the awareness of the folks in your path. When you have the traditional flu, you go out of your way to not get too close to anyone. When your contagious with Ageless Dreamer, everything you touch leaves a mark on someone’s soul or heart. With that nasty traditional flu you might spend alot of time in the bathroom (sorry). Being contagious with Ageless Dreamer means that you help start a movement of encouraging constipated dreams. I know that’s quite the analogy, but if it got your attention, than it worked. This is one idea that’s not getting flushed down the drain, my friends. Stay tuned.

Copywrite by Laurie Widmark 2009


Let Go and Let… March 5, 2009

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Remember the story about love that claimed if you let it go, and it came back, it was meant to be? And if you let it go and it didn’t come back it wasn’t meant to be. If it did come back…it’s worth pursuing.  Another is: Let go and let God. I think it’s something from AA.  At any rate, three weeks ago, I made the emotional decision to let go of Ageless Dreamer. The nights were long and the challenging economy was in our face every day in all kinds of media. My emotional bank account was overdrawn. Enough already. So I took the deep breath and let go. Such a relief…I slept like a baby. I even cancelled a scheduled Feb 13 live radio interview – after all how could Ageless Dreamer be talking about dreams around Valentine’s Day when my dream was falling apart despite all our efforts?

Guess what happened on Feb 3? Received an email from radio host Bonnie D. Graham, WGBB,  www.bonnietv.com  reinviting me back on the show for Feb 20 but with a different topic of conversation: “Ageless Dreamer is the theme”, she wrote, “let’s talk about what it is, your original hopes and goals, and current status, i.e. reality check, in this economy.” Together, we could dream outloud on the show. And we did. We have a podcast of the show and are trying to find a way to have it available for everyone to listen to. Thanks, Bonnie, for being such a terrific and interesting host and for providing the podcast probono. Currently it’s too big for our website and Facebook doesn’t do audio alone — but we have a wonderful volunteer, Adam Flaherty who’s working on reducing the audio size. www.adamflaherty.com

 Adam also recreated our new SAVE THE DREAM donate now button so it can’t be missed on our website. Please test it out! And Brian Wheeler, www.resolvetech.biz is determined to keep our computers up and humming along. Thank you, gentlemen! You all share “an attitude worth having”  –  the slogan for Ageless  Dreamer.

And to top off this morning, another breath of fresh energy emerged with a call from Nat Fitgerald, and his associate, both from www.immersionactive.com.

Back to letting go. The point is in the past couple weeks we’ve been injected with renewable energy to keep moving forward. The emotional bank account has had some deposits made into it that are priceless. One day at a time, one dream at a time. Stay tuned.

Copyright 2009 Laurie Widmark

Dear Readers March 3, 2009

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Dear Readers,

I hesitate to write this letter because I don’t know if you will read it. So, I suppose¸ that makes me someone afraid to stand up for something I believe in…a wimp . Just last week I decided that I needed to let the idea of Ageless Dreamer go. Not enough people cared. Membership was not something people were dying to join. Ageless Dreamers were dying… But not signing up. I discovered, with only 28 months under my belt with the official, not for profit, authentic designated Ageless Dreamer, that the problem I, WE? faced would reproduce itself time after time after time. And the question remained: If the dream recipients of Ageless Dreamer died, then why bother?

Our biggest spokespersons, our Ambassadors, would naturally die.

Our first run of 5,000 glossy, color brochures were printed and distributed. Beautifully (and painfully) designed (pro bono) with NOW and THEN photos, text, testimonials, membership application, and self addressed, prepaid mailing….but only a few hundred were returned. Guess that didn’t work…although everybody liked the look and feel AND adored the idea. What was missing? Please send more brochures, they’d asked. And we’re thinking…but nobody’s returning them. Where are they going? To the “feel good” file?

So, I embark on this quest for an answer as I stretch to get outside the box of what it is I think I know. The idea to write to my future readers was not mine, but of Steve Harrison. Steve, and his brother, David, who are the force behind Bradley Communications, Corp. (www.freepublicity.com)

Write a letter to your readers they said, and then put it aside for a day or two. When you pick it up to read it again, does it bore you? Did you hit the mark? Should you tank the idea? THAT, dear readers, is what I’m writing to find out. And only time will tell.

Copyright 2009 Laurie Widmark