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Loving Life to the End February 14, 2009

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John with watercolor brush in hand

John with watercolor brush in hand

Ageless Dreamer and John Albright went together. Just like water color painting and John Albright went together. In 2006 Ageless Dreamer enjoyed pulling together John’s first ever art gallery event, along with another artist. Over a hundred people came through during the three hour open house in awe of his talent. John was as thrilled as we were and his artwork was amazing with such detail from his worldly adventures. And none of it was for sale or we’d have one hanging on our wall at home!  More photos and story on the website, of course.

This past December WMUR/Channel 9 TV, on behalf of their Spirit of Giving for Ageless Dreamer, interviewed both John and Ruth (the other artist whose work was on display). They spoke of the value Ageless Dreamer brought to their lives and how it can do the same for others of our oldest generation. To watch WMUR video click here (or you can go to the Ageless Dreamer website and click on Live Media)

In the past few months, I took John, along with my granddaughter and grandson to the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire — right here in Dover, NH. John, although he moved slowly, was mesmerized with how some of the activities were built. Images of John dancing, with the help of his walker, along with the magic of international dancers on the screen made him grin, amazed at the technology of it all. He was a child at heart. And we loved him for it.

John dancing along with technology at the NH Children's Museum

John dancing along with technology at the NH Children's Museum

 He joined me at a number of Ageless Dreamer speaking engagements throughout the seacoast. John would stand proudly with the microphone in hand and be, once again, the wonderful ambassador for Ageless Dreamer that he was. I miss him already. Saturday, Jan 24, was my last visit with John and he laughed at the mechanical, life size poney we’d bring, and, most recently, the little hand held birds that “twirp”. John will continue to be an inspiration to Ageless Dreamer — and that the organization did and does make a differance. Thank you, my friend, for sharing yourself with me. Pick up your watercolor brush and paint away in the sky. The view is beautiful.

Copyright 2009 Laurie Widmark


We Returned the WII February 10, 2009

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When I brought the WII back to the store we bought it at for a refund, they stared at me. Something wrong with it? Nope. Any trouble hooking it up? Nope. Then why are you returning it? We just decided that all the grandkids already have one at home, so why do we need one? We can take them to the real bowling alley or golf course. We can play with them outside. Show them the woods and the ocean and the rivers and the mountains. They have enough technology in their little world. We’ll be the antidote to that just a bit. And maybe they’ll remember us for that in a nice way. We’ll have to wait and see. Maybe I’m just an ageless dreamer.

Copywrite 2009 Laurie Widmark