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Top Floor of a Nursing Home vs Top Floor of Hotel January 14, 2009

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If you haven’t been to visit the top floor of a nursing/assisted living home lately, consider it. You might get a better insight as to what you’re future (and mine!) could look like. We all know the top floor of a hotel is prime…the best of the best views, et al. But the top floor of where we house some of our oldest generation is a place I don’t want to ever go. Someone said to me today: “It’s like the living dead”. Exactly. What in the world are we thinking? Sometimes we treat our pets better than this as they get “old”. Vetenarians put “them to sleep”. Medicine has made such progress, the prescriptions provided allow for long, long lifes that may not have any quality in them at all – except that Medicade/Care is stilling sending along a check. Why prolong someone’s life with prescription after prescription where the body has all but given up, if it weren’t for the RX? Today in our Rotary meeting, the speaker spoke on the moratorium on “nursing home beds” in NH. No more. Caput. So let’s hope that enough “beds” vacate so that there’s room for others. I’m hearing stories every day from adult children caretaking for their parents…some of whom have “had enough”. I know this a controversial subject and I can certainly understand why. I know I’m not alone in this thinking — alot of Baby Boomers are watching in awe and disbelief. I’ve been talking about ageless dreams — and maybe that doesn’t tap into enough emotional heartstrings. So, I’m taking another approach to see who’s listening or reading….because I, for one, am scared to death the direction this is all taking. How about you?

Copyright 2009 Laurie Widmark



1. Brian W - January 28, 2009

Let’s keep older adults active, both mentally and physically. To me that is the key to staying young.

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