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Floating Away on a Sleigh November 25, 2008

Posted by Ageless Dreamer Foundation in Events.

Well, we’re about to embark on finishing up the very first Ageless Dreamer parade float, which, we’re proud to say, is co-sponsored with Progressive Foods, Rochester, NH. – owners of seven Dunkin Donut franchises in Rochester, Somersworth, and Gonic, NH area!  I’ll take a photo soon so you can marvel at the charming life size cut out sleigh, thanks to the fine jigsaw talents of one of their employees, Carl.  Thanks, Carl, for taking on that first critical step of creativity with 4-6 sheets of plywood.  Of course the idea of a sleigh was the brainchild of yet another Dunkin employee, Crystal. We might still be on the drawing table if it wasn’t for her!  The plywood and use of the 17′ trailor that will become one with the sleigh, was so kindly donated by Tim Noonan Construction.  Tim’s always been there to lend a generous and helping hand to Ageless Dreamer and we certainly do appreciate it and him. 

What color is this sleigh, you ask?  The artistic hand of another Dunkin Donut employee, Carol K., has been magically transforming the plywood design into a  high gloss red  which is on its second coat of  paint. We are surrounded by so much giving of talent and time!  Obviously, We’re  going for the GOLD, i.e. FIRST PLACE win for the best float carrying the parade theme: Christmas Dreams.  In full color our banners will read: NEVER TOO OLD TO DREAM!  www.agelessdreamer.org

Oh, did I mention the two park-like-benches that will sit inside the sleigh?  Two men and two women will sit comfortably with heating blankets, if necessary, smiling and waving to the crowd.  Yes, we anticipate it being cold on Dec. 7, since it is, afterall, the live free or die state of New Hampshire.  Step one is almost finished and then we begin the finishing touches: holiday lights outlining the sleigh, 7 ft tall Christmas tree adorned with those clear, plastic Dunkin Donut cups we’re all so familiar with.  We’ll most likely hang a few Munkin boxes on it, too, just for variety. After all, DD has variety in donuts, munkins, and awesome coffee!   

And not to be forgotten, the cutest Elves you’ll ever see in this neck of the woods, distributing (maybe throwing?) Lindt Mint chocolates!  The very finest chocolates were donated to Ageless Dreamer last week and we’re just “melting” with excitement to share them with everyone watching the parade.  Hope to see you there on Sunday, Dec. 7 at 3 p.m., downtown Rochester, NH.     You can count on hearing more about how this comes together!                                                                             

The Ageless Dreamer Parade Float
The Ageless Dreamer Parade Float
Att. Anthony Hartnet, Laurie Widmark, Charles and Mary Ellen Sloan
Att. Anthony Hartnet, Laurie Widmark, Charles and Mary Ellen Sloan





1. ellen - December 8, 2008

would love to see some pictures, we too are doing the sleigh theme on our float and could use some inspiration. our float is for 3 – 12 yr old girls that will be singing in the parade.

2. Regina Wentworth-Mondoux - December 11, 2008

We had so much fun in the parade wishing the onlookers a Merry Christmas and although I am 34 yrs old, it brings back memories when i too was a wee one!! One thing i have learned from Laurie is you never know what to expect but you try your hardest anyway.
In my eyes we won gold. The day started off with Lauire picking my husband and i up on our journey of picking up the float and following it to the Richard W. Createau center behind Spaulding High School in Rochester, NH. On the way, we noticed floats that were large in size and very creative. We were cute and classy. We fit in just right and know we made a difference for the Ageless Dreamers of the world. Every impression counts!! It was a raw day but tolerable for the elfs, We were so excited for the parade to start and get kicked off. Once we started rolling we were proud and had great fans cheering us on. When we were in front of South Main Street Dunkin’ Donuts the crowd went wild. The kid i me wiishes it didn’t end. Thank You to all of the Managers & friends that participated and volunteered time to keep us afloat. I Love you guys!!
Peter you are a great sleigh driver, Santa cannot do it without his helpers!! Lauire you are so elegant and loved. Hugs..

3. Laurie Widmark - December 16, 2008

We’re never too old to dream. I reminded myself of that as we mailed out the Ageless Dreamer annual appeal requests yesterday. We like to think we can make a difference raising the level of awareness for the wisdom, talents, and sage advise from our oldest generation. We remind Caregivers and adult children caring for their elders, remember to ask: Do you have a dream?

On Saturday, Dec. 13, 2008, our most recient recipient, John H., of Bedford, NH had his dream come true. You can read all about it on our website, under Dreamers, but at almost age 102, (Jan 1, 2009)
John proved that dreaming is ageless.

One day at a time, one dream at a time.

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