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It Depends…on what? November 11, 2008

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Recently I read someplace about a parent going into a supermarket and stealing a box of Pampers for his baby.  And another stealing baby formula.  Is this our future in reverse?  Adult children going into supermarkets or drug stores to steal cans of Ensure and packages of Depends for their ageing parents that have become part of the oldest generation?



1. Regina Wentworth-Mondoux - December 11, 2008

Grammy shared a story yesterday about how her generation has been shoplifting because they have a minimal SS check coming in, Many people of her generation cannot pay for heat or even their meds because of inflation, looking back when they paid 5 cents for a gallon of gas and made 50 cents a week. Not much came out of their check to contribute to todays inflation. Grammy assured me that she of course is not one of the needy today but you can hear the concern of what tommorow may bring. the unsurites.. I will try my hardest to help them live a happy life. Did i tell you….Grammy had her birthday yesterday she is an inspiration to me and i love the woman she is. She was spoiled on her birthday, but unlike kids its better to spoil your grandparents after all they changed your diaper and your parents. Grammy received a warm happy Birthday sung by my sister and I and new sweaters and purfume and pretty things she doesnt buy for herself. Grammy takes good care of Grandpa and doesn’t leave much time for herself as she takes care of his ever need and doesnt even fuss over it even when they cant seem to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together.The love they share would make my generation come to tears. A beautiful story.
On the 13th of December Grammy and Grampa will celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary at the local chinese buffett with friends.
after all these years these honest people have instilled many values within me and although it has come with lifes ups and downs they have never changed who they were fom day one. When sis & i left Gram & Gramps they gave us a funny book to read on odd stories of the little house out back, referring to the privy or outhouse.I will keep you tuned in. These people raised my father who has always been such a great Dad! I know where he gets his values from. Growing up Dad would say, Don’t forget where you come from. I’m sure he never has.Live happy, be happy & dream out loud!!

2. Laurie Widmark - December 16, 2008

Ah, yes, the outhouse. Out back, in the dark, with whatever else lived back there, mattered not if it was very cold or very hot. If you had to go, you had to go. Interesting, but I don’t think I ever heard of one being handicap accessible. Guess you just managed somehow. Or else that’s where those white enamel, kidney shaped pots came in handy. I count my blessings.

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