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1. Symone Shields - October 31, 2008

This is a very strong blog becasue it considers the dreams of the elderly. It make a statement that people still find a way to move around today, being that people don’t consider the dreams of the elderly people. It’s like once you get to a certain age your feelings or dreams aren’t considered anymore. People just hope that you make it till the next day, and live to see them shine. It’s not all bad though. Sometimes you have to step to the side and give other people oppurtunities to make a difference like you did, but still taking their thoughts and dreams into consideration

2. Laurie Widmark - October 31, 2008

I appreciate your taking the time to both read and comment on this new blog. Yes, I’m pleased and hope readers find it strong, as well as presenting a bit of often unnoticed reality for our elders…and the rest of us following. I call all it “shock value”. As this organization approaches the beginning of it’s 4th year on Jan 10, 2009, I’m keenly aware of the fact that, come Dec 31 of this year, that the stock market may have seriously put a dent into our charter, steadfast, generous members and that end of year giving might not exist. Ageless Dreamer has a long way to go but has mighty big dreams if we’re given the chance. Again, thanks for your words of wisdom. One day at a time. One dream at a time. By the way, where/how did you learn of this blog??

3. Sarahjayne Howland - November 1, 2008

It was great meeting you today…your work is an inspiration!

4. Regina Wentworth-Mondoux - November 21, 2008


Dare to dream of the scents of yesteryear & the realities of truth,
Dream of never ever losing your medication, your eyesight or your youth.
Dream of good times with loved ones where you’re never alone & never apart.
Dream of how that light of inspiration, was your light in the dark.

Dare to dream of riding free on a Harley & never ever growing old,
Dream of the closet in your friend’s home so your story could be told.
Dream of the last time you were going to a college reunion and flying high above
Dream of the time you were working hard at a living and doing it for love.

Dare to dream of picnics, flowers, parades, baseball & happiness,
Dream of going to see your own art exhibit and how it banned sadness.
Dream of the cottage at the beach and how it ignited the fire & the flame,
Dream that your life has only just begun, yet living has made you tired & tame.

Dare to dream of ageless, a founder of experience, guidance and trust,
Dream of all that’s true, she is protected, believed and just.
Dream of being cared about, yet barefoot dreaming by the sea,
Dare to dream of dreaming, yes dare to dream with she.

5. Laurie Widmark - November 21, 2008

Regina, it may be hard to believe but you have rendered me speechless. Thanks for dreaming out loud with me.

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