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Live and Learn…some more October 27, 2008

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Looks like its time for me  to write my first book if we want Ageless Dreamer to get above the day to day noise of everyday media.  I learned at the National Publicity Summit in NYC these last five days that a book would be my “calling card” — something that I could then be the expert on.  The one hundred plus media in attendance were anxious to be “pitched” by us, the attendees, who Steve Harrison, guru of the Radio-TV Interview Report, has spent weeks and weeks training to be prepared to “meet the media”.   Limited to only one hundred attendees (so that we all get to meet the media we want to meet), I was one of  only two folks who didn’t have a book.  Holly smokes.  I can’t begin to tell you how suprised I was to find out the value added a book would bring to Ageless Dreamer.  I can come up with enough material and photos.  The question is: Would anybody be interested in reading and seeing what ageless dreams look like?  Woman’s World magazine was at the Summit and told me they can’t write about anything related to “old”.  Good grief, I think somebody must have their head stuck in the sand.  In 22 short years, ALL, yes, A L L the BabyBoomers are going to be 65 years of age or older. And the 30 something year old reading their magazine is going to be shocked in that same 20+ years when they go to the mailbox and receive  their first invitation to AARP.  I need an intriguing, provocative  title for this book I’m going to write. Something that will “grab you” and make you want to buy it and talk about it. If you think of one, please let me know.  I’m counting on you!

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