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Ageless Dreamer on the Horizon October 15, 2008

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Picture this:

Mini vans with Ageless Dreamer all over it. People pause on the sidewalk as they watch it gliding by knowing, envious even, that they’re not old enough to be on that van. They know, if it’s an Ageless Dreamer van, bus, or single carrier, if it’s got the Ageless Dreamer signature delux brand, someone’s about to be venturing out for some dreamy dream activity.  What that activity is depends upon the choice du jour: music lessons, art lessons, Wii play (are they listening to the Attitude Seal of Approval opportunity here?), dance, voice, writing lessons for memoirs, novels, fiction, screenplays….and how to get them published.  Maybe we’ll even find a publisher with heart who sees the value in all this and signs on for the Attitude Seal of Approval.

Actually, at this moment, Ageless Dreamer has two requests on the table: an author born 1921 dreaming of having her first novel published; 2) a gent, born 1923 dreaming of having at least one poem published.  I leave Monday, Oct 20, for the big apple aka NYC, for the National Publicity Summit.  It’s been an intense six weeks since they called and said Ageless Dreamer was an interesting enough topic that they thought the 100+ media that show up would be interested in learning more about. So, listen up, they said, we’re gonna’ groom you to be ready to be “on TV”. Just in case.  It’s been an awesome and somewhat stressfull experience preparing for the Summit.  Forget the fact that I need to show up every day like “you’re ready to be on TV”.  As I partake in the 90 minute teleseminars weekly preparing me for this, the weekly one on one phone calls with my assigned Media Coach, Publicity Coach, Image Consultant (Yikes!) I become more engaged, intimidated, exhilerated, scared to death, calm, motivated, and downright determined to make this experience get Ageless Dreamer above the day to day NOISE of what growing old looks like.  Lest you forget: wheelchairs, Depends (could they repackage them please? Another Attitude Seal of Approval candidate.), prescriptions for everything and then some, doctors, more doctors, Life lines (what happened to end-of-life-lines?). Need I go on?   

Will any of the media at the Summit really get what Ageless Dreamer is all about? Am I saying it right?  Will Ageless Dreamer survive it’s third year anniversary on January 10, 2009?  Will I sleep (or my poor husband sleep because of me not) January 9 wondering? or will it, because of lack of interest or because it’s waaaaaay too big to tackle, close the doors to an extraordinary idea outside the box?  I’ve heard it said: If it was easy, every one would be doing it. Remember that quote? Here’s a new one for you that I hope you’ll remember someday: Thank you for helping us to continue to dream dreams too big to fill alone. 

Sleep well and dream on, my friends.

Copyright 2008 Laurie Widmark



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