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Say what we mean, mean what we say October 14, 2008

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Lo and behold, if you ask enough people you’ll get an answer.  The good thing is that we have extraordinarly good Board of Directors, who are thinking all the time.  One of them, Tammy Svenson, who works with Dr. John Hopkins at Bellamy Fields in Dover, NH, was insightful enough to forward the website for Ageless Dreamer on to a friend who has immense experience in paying attention to non profit (that’s an understatement) websites.  The reply was initially exciting because it was from someone we didn’t know, and then depressing because it was from someone who knew an amazing amount about non profit websites and saw our weaknesses.  It’s one of those be careful what you wish for moments.  The two top observations I’ve already mentally struggled with: is the website trying to get the attention of our oldest generation OR the adult children, grandchildren, care-givers?  Ahhhhh, we need to do both, and time is of the essence.

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