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Polka Your Way Out Of Ageing October 14, 2008

Posted by Ageless Dreamer Foundation in Ageless Dreamer.

She must be crazy, you say? Polka your way out of ageing? Why not?

My husband, Peter (aka Swedish Kara Man) and I, just returned from a three day 75th Polkabration Anniversary hosted by Dick and JoAnne Pillar.  Why you might ask?  My Mom and Dad, Jim and Mae Ushinski, celebrated their 65 (yes, sixty fifth, aka the numbers six five) wedding anniversary on May 10, and we gave them this experience as a gift once again. It was a W O W  the first time and it was a super wow again.  If you’re interested I’ll give you the details later or email: pillar@dickpillar.com  Tempting.

I walked into the main ballroom (where in the world DID that name, BALLroom, come from anyway?), and the crowd was hovering towards the polka band of the evening, humming along loudly. Sitting in a chair, centrally located in front of the microphone, was a brave gent in his late 80’s….maybe 90’s.  In front, the birthday girl, born 1918,  rotating her hips, turned to face her partner, then swiveled, swirled, bumped to the rythym…leaving the rest to the imagination.  The screaming, loud noises were from the rest of the 200+- hundred+- in the room (yes, like a very big wedding) who egged them on.  No difference from newly weds or old-ly wann-be-weds.  Ageless Dreamer’s calling?

The alternative, if no one cares: staring at a blank wall; watching TV 18 hours a day; sitting at a park bench waiting for someone to come by and say hello; googling hoping to tap into someone who cares; dialing 911 so that you know some one’s there:

Copyright 2008 Laurie Widmark



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