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It was a good idea, not October 14, 2008

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Ageless Dreamer receives the update notices from NH’s United Way on a regular basis. A month or so ago I recieved one and read that a family trust had some gently used medical equipment: motorized scooter, wheelchair, $ 1,000 value bidet used only once, stair lift, scooter lift for car, and various other medical devices. O.K., I thought. We’re a non profit in desperate need of an alternative way to raise the big kahuna.  I’m an entrepreneur by nature….think outside the box. O.k. So, I call these folks and learn that they’ve been trying for months, since their Dad passed on, that they had no luck selling these items…even on e-bay.   What in the world made me think that Ageless Dreamer could do something with them? Greatest strength, greatest weakness.   My very patient, adoring, and generous husband agreed that we would make arrangements to pick up the items from the storage space they had been paying for for many months.  The family, rightfully so, wanted to “close the estate”, and these items were occupying space.  Ageless Dreamer, of course, doesn’t own storage space, but the Founder does have a business interest in a storage facility in  Dover, NH, and knows they could move the equiptment into space for probono. Perfect. They borrowed a box truck from a friend and picked up the “gently used” medical equipment with high hopes of finding an alternative, creative way to help fund Ageless Dreamer.

Fast forward, 45 days.  The Board of Directors of Ageless Dreamer is not impressed with the idea of the organization being  a warehouse for “gently used” medical equipment. O dear, what now.  So, I start keeping an ear and eye out for who we can sell/give this really good “gently used” equipment to.  Medicaid, or is it Medicare(?), evidently prefers to sell new “stuff” to those in need so they don’t care about this market.  Where in the world is that money coming from?  Anyways, Ageless Dreamer has  learned real fast that,  although there’s a real need for “gently used”, no one is willing to pay for it themselves.  Finally, in the end, we’ve found (although not yet gotten a follow up phone call from), two companies in the Concord/Manchester, NH area that will accept this “stuff”, refurbish it, and resell it at a “gentler price”….my words.  It makes me wonder: if the “gently used” stuff, which is less costly then “new”, cannot be sold because Medicare/caid won’t pay for it — will this “gently used”, perfectly good, acceptable “stuff” be put into the landfills. Who’s going to pay for that?  Our great grandchildren?

Before I forget, I must say that I called the Lions Club, Rye, NH. because I had heard over and over that accept “gently used” medical equipment, refurbish it, and then make it available, at no cost, to anyone who needs it.   Lo and behold, they had an overload, over-filled storage bin full that they couldn’t accept anymore.  Also, they determined, it was a full time job to handle the free rental/return.  It was a huge awakenining.  I’m writing this and hoping that someone, someplace is reading, and on the same page I am.

Copyright 2008 Laurie Widmark



1. Chris Moran - October 14, 2008

Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Chris Moran

2. agelessdreamer - October 15, 2008

Well, hello, Chris Moran,
Many thanks for the encouragement. Knowing very little about blogging, I have to admit I wonder who in this wide world reads this and how in the world do they find it among all the millions of blogs blogging away? Welcome to the fold of Ageless Dreamer.

One day at a time. One dream at a time.

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