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Another Aha Moment October 7, 2008

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Yesterday I set up a table at another Senior Wellness and Awareness fair in Concord, NH.  Looking around the room I saw maybe 50 or more providers all with different products or services: Refurbished medical equipment, hearing aids, emergency life lines, AARP, Assisted Living facilities, insurance, inhalers, and more and more and more.  It made me realize that, after doing a dozen of these type events, that maybe, just maybe, Ageless Dreamer was trying to get the attention of the wrong audience.  Our table display was also the only one that had balloons – orange, yellow, and red – to match our sunrise/sunset logo!   Ageless Dreamer – an attitude worth having.  But the folks there who really cared  what Ageless Dreamer was about were some of the vendors.  Those that were age 30-something to 60 something.  They talked about their parents and grandparents and their dream.  Ageless Dreamer was a “fun” mental wellness display amongst all the other displays of basic everyday, albeit important, needs.  I do need to say that one other display who was there could also fit under the “fun category”:  Elder Music.  The Director and developer of this program, Paul Bordeleau, gives piano lessons to groups of ages 55 to 99+.  Paul’s brochure says “You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you  grow old because you stop playing….”  The program was specifically designed to meet the needs of the senior student, with teaching materials especially developed for Elder Musik.    We might just need to invent a senior Fun Fair!  The displays will all and only be for things like: bicycles and trails to ride or walk; where to go for hot air balloon rides; how to publish you first book; voice or dance lessons; fishing trips; and more and more and more.  Then Ageless Dreamer will be the star of the show, reminding the care-givers and adult children of our oldest generation to remember to ask them: Do you have a dream?

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1. Don Cichon - October 7, 2008

Hi Laurie,

Good to meet you at the Open House this evening. You invited me to be the first to comment on your new blog — and here it is! Best wishes for this new part of your enterprise.

Now that I’ve talked to you and Peter and become more keenly aware of what you’re doing, I’ll keep my eyes and ears peeled for mutually beneficial opportunities. Very good stuff!!

2. agelessdreamer - October 14, 2008

Well, Don, thank YOU! The very first to write a comment to this brand new blog. It’s a wow. You’re a wow! Makes one wonder if any body else is reading this. I would sure like to know. And our Board of Directors would like to know if it’s worth my time, albeit volunteer time. Sure hope you stop by again soon and encourage me to keep on blogging.

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