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Are You a Dreamer? September 23, 2008

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Fast forward a  short twenty-eight years from now and approximately 12 million of us will be turning 85 years old…never mind those turning the centenial age of 100 – which is the fastest growing demographic in America.

We currently live in a society that is searching for creative alternatives to how to take care of all the housing, care-giving, and medical needs for our oldest generation. And a way will be found. But what about the simple notion of dreaming? Will Care-Givers and adult children caring for their elders remember to ask them: Do you have a dream? Will anyone care? Or will they be so busy with basic day to day care giving responsibilities that they forget to ask?

Laurie 1965

Laurie 1965

Laurie Widmark

Laurie Now

Dreaming is ageless. And Laurie Widmark, Founder of the Ageless Dreamer, knows this from experience. As someone who’s father called her a dreamer as a teenager – and it wasn’t meant as a compliment – Laurie has taken her passion to prove it possible. It all started after the death of her twenty-three year old daughter in 1998 when she discovered she couldn’t listen to the “noise” on radio or TV wrapped around her grief. She needed instead, as she refers to it, “the loud, quiet sounds”. It was this time frame in her life, as she approached age fifty in 2000, that she decided there must be more than turning fifty than receiving AARP in the mail. She declared she was an “ageless dreamer” and set out to change the way society views its oldest generation and to help bridge the generation gap.

The Ageless Dreamer Foundation encourages our oldest generation to dream out loud, enhancing their quality of life. Laurie Widmark has been nominated for the 2008 Family Hero award in the June edition of Family Circle Magazine, and also the NH Real Estate Association 2008 Good Neighbor award for her efforts. She is often invited to speak to elder caregiver affiliate groups. A New Hampshire Real Estate Broker and Rotarian, she is asked to speak at Rotary Clubs, and 99% of the time brings a dream recipient to share the experience.

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